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The State of Delaware hosts over one million companies. These companies are both controlled by residents and non-residents where over half of the publicly traded US corporations are incorporated and domiciled in Delaware. Non-residents are distinguished between US citizens and foreigners. Tax incentives in Delaware include an exemption from business tax for non-residents and activities outside the State. The Delaware General Corporation Law is part of the Delaware Code and governs businesses and their activities. Due to the size and nature of the corporate jurisdiction, the Delaware courts can draw from substantial and well developed case law, offering enhanced corporate legal certainty.

Even though corporations that conduct business in different states are in principle subject to the laws of incorporation only, Federal law can impose restrictions. Also, when a Delaware company operates in different jurisdictions outside the United States, it obviously can be dependent on the local customs and regulations.

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The scope and nature of the General Corporation Law in Delaware makes it one of the most attractive States for company formation. The local legal system and rules for company registration are tailored to its substantive position in the global business arena. As such, business people from all around the world establish their companies under Delaware law to benefit from the relaxed yet sophisticated company laws, limited administrative requirements, and efficient pricing and taxation model.

Delaware business structures include the Limited Liability Company, C corporation, S corporation, and the non-profit corporation. Each structure has its own features and benefits to match specific objectives and operations. Therefore, professionals willing to incorporate in the State of Delaware should get informed before making final decisions. Business structures allow for a limitation of personal liability of the beneficial owner. The corporate structure itself triggers credibility, provides several tax benefits, as well as asset and wealth protection.

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This website is managed by Legal Floris LLC and Equation CS and aims to provide serious professionals willing to incorporate in Delaware with background information, secure strategies, and assistance with company formation. Business people willing to incorporate in Delaware are invited to contact us via the contact page on this website.


Private individuals and Delaware companies can become victims of (offshore) bank failure, investment fraud, theft or embezzlement. Legal Floris LLC provides disadvantaged creditors with asset and fund recovery services to regain access to their belonging. Our most effective strategies can include out of court arrangements, private civil action and obtaining a criminal conviction whilst recovering the proceeds of financial crime.

Bank account opening and its assertion for a Delaware company undergoes strict scrutiny by the designated financial institution. Where banks and electronic money institutions follow the rules imposed by their respective central banks, many Delaware companies face difficulties to open and maintain their (offshore) banks accounts. The sometimes far-reaching and complex terms of the bank can be met with the help of a licensed introducer or professional bank partner.

Companies incorporated in Delaware hold their corporate tax residency in the state. For Delaware companies not operating in the state, no corporate income tax is levied. The formal legal processes in Delaware follow a favorable and standardized protocol that allows for a stable and (cost) efficient standard. Companies pay franchise tax based on the business activities. Also companies trading outside the state have to pay this franchise tax creating a further tax-friendly corporate environment.

The cost efficient and sophisticated legal framework for company formation, establishment and continuation enables a furthering attractiveness for Delaware as a corporate haven. Taxation in the state of Delaware triggers a favorable climate for holding companies, subsidiaries and stand alone enterprises. Corporate income tax does not apply to profits of Delaware companies whose activities are outside the state or where the activities and the distribution of income are limited to maintenance and management of their tangible investments.

The incorporation and establishment of a company in Delaware follows a clearly defined pattern. Customer due diligence and know your client procedures determine the internal organization of the proposed legal entity. Professionals exposed to a first time incorporation procedure can experience difficulties. Therefore, entrepreneurs willing to set up a business in Delaware are invited to contact us for assistance to choose, furnish and incorporate the appropriate company structure.

Beneficial ownership as a foreigner in an international company triggers expectations and obligations. To comply with regulations in both the home state and the host state of the activities, a legal, financial and fiscal considerations must be taken into account. Appointment of local directors by the shareholder will normally contribute to additional local substance and presence of the company and enable both the company and the beneficiary to benefit from and comply with both home and host regimes.